“There is no other organ quite like the uterus. If men had such an organ, they would brag about it. So should we.” 
Ina May Gaskin

The following offerings are based on a combination of science and magic, whereby we explore the physical anatomy of the womb together with the more magical subtle qualities of this feminine sacred and powerful space. 

Physically, the womb (uterus) sustains your bladder and colon, in addition to all your abdominal organs above: stomach, liver, spleen, small intestines, gallbladder and pancreas.

Did you know that this amazing organ is both hollow and yet the strongest, most flexible and suPPle muscle of the body? 

The womb of the woman, when pregnant, is capable of holding baby and expand as baby grows within its cavity.  Strong to carry both baby, placenta and amniotic fluid, and yet be so supple that it can completely relax and open to allow baby to be birthed without force or external intervention. It is the same organ, that when toned and functioning optimally, it can undulate so softly and intensely so that we can feel deep and multiple orgasms. However, few women, in these modern times, experience full womb pleasure and wellbeing. For this, the womb must experience full relaxation and be tension free. 

Often times, the womb becomes a space where unprocessed emotions, such as grief or rage, anxiety or pain, are placed either due to early childhood trauma, pregnancy loss, challenging birth experiences, intimate partner abuse, lineage patterns, gender oppression or as the result of the collective experience of female disempowerment. 

are you ready to cultivate the womb's intrinsic qualities of receptivity, deep release, generosity and unconditional love, in order to embark and birth your infinite creative endeavours? 

Energetically, it is perceived as a portal, a doorway from the Divine into earth, given that during birth it becomes the passageway in between realms. Also it is within this pelvic space that the healing of ancestral wounds can happen.

In many belief systems, the womb/yoni (as it is conceived in Sanskrit) is the source of intuition and our inner compass. Yet because of our modern upbringing many women rarely connect with their wombs except for a few days in the month, at the peak of menstruation, or the poignant milestones in a woman's life (menarchy, pregnancy and birth, menopause).

:: ^^^::

Womb, matriz, uterus, sacred chalice, energetic centre that houses much of our creative powers and is core to our womanhood. 

with her pulsations and undulations she provides us with endless waves of creativity and pleasure, as portal into the subtle world of perceptions, sensations and imagery.

:: ^^^::

Let us heal, honour and celebrate the potential for creativity and pleasure of the womb space, and recover through  different modalities: such as sacred ritual, meditation, women's circles and energy work, our fullest embodiment. 


Women's Circles

When women gather, great healing occurs, not just for the individual but also for the collective.  Check the EVENTS page for upcoming circles.


Vaginal/Womb Steams

A luscious self-love practice whereby your womb receives a steam sauna supported by a customized herbal blend for your unique stage in life and moon cycle


Womb Meditations

A wide variety of womb meditations to allow the womb to be seen, heard and felt


Womb Blessings (Energy Work)

A womb blessing is a journey towards elevating your vibration with the potential to awaken those aspects of who you are that have been blocked, dormant or repressed. Be ready for transformation and the healing of the Divine feminine. 


A journey into the womb deepens our capacity to live more fully from our Soul's truths and desires. Embrace and embody your womb's wisdom and deepen your union with the cosmic rhythms.

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