Guided visualisations into the Womb

a gift for you my beloved

These guided meditations are journeys deep into womb wisdom, a travel of lifetimes into your internal landscape as a wise, loving and the strong Being you are. This is a sacred journey of all time and that belongs to all women and men.  These are a series of guided meditations for all, whether you identify yourself as woman or man, at any stage of life.

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Estas son meditaciones que te guían hacia un viaje profundo a la sabiduría de la Matriz, un recorrido por tu mapa interno como el Ser sabio, amorosa y fuerte que eres. Este es un viaje sagrado de todos los tiempos y de todas las mujeres y hombres. Estas son varias meditaciones guiadas para todas aquellas personas que se identifican tanto como mujeres como hombres, a lo largo de las etapas de vida.



a journey into the womb

Experience the beginning of a magical shamanic journey into the womb, through the ovaries, the uterine tubes and into the vast oceanic womb space and deepen your dialogue with her. Inspired by Adriana Ordoñez’s teachings.

Viaje a la matriz

Un mágico viaje chamánico al interior de la Matriz para conectar con la sabiduría que la sostiene. Inspirado por las enseñanzas de Adriana Ordoñez



womb remembrance

 A journey deep within the womb space (the “womb” also referred to as Hara or Lower Dan Tien), to harness our ability for deep listening. A journey to remember and activate the Sacred Feminine Essence within, whether woman or man, and connect to the deep knowing that we are part of the larger ecosystem of Gaia, pure love consciousness and dissolve any illusion of separation. Inspired by the work of Azra and Seren Bertrand

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Ovarian Breathing Meditation

This mediation and conscious breath work will help activate and balance the lunar and solar energy fields of your ovaries and awaken their Divine Intelligence. Our ovaries hold vast powers and the more we connect and commune with them the more we become conscious creators and reconnect with their gifts. Especially powerful to activate if you are desiring to connect with the gift of consciously bringing a Soul into the world. Inspired by the works of A&S Bertrand and Tami Lynn Kent

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The only thing requested in return is that you respect the teachings by ensuring that you prepare yourself to receive this gift in sacred space. You can do so by having an intimate space, where you will be undisturbed for the duration, you can lit candle, burn some incense and be open & ready to receive .