I bow in service to you woman, to converse, to share and reflect your own light and inner powers, and with that, remind you of the magic that resides within you, especially at your most vulnerable times



Puro Amor Yoga

Transform and live awake in your body, guided by your heart, rooted in your wisdom and in awe with your power.


Doula Companion

As your doula companion I am here to nurture and support you, birthing person, throughout pre-conception, pregnancy, continuously during labor and birth, and the postpartum days.  I will provide you with physical support (through massages, soothing touch and other comforting measures), emotional support (by creating a safe and intimate environment that reduces stress, self-doubt and anxiety, through reassurance and a caring attitude) as well as childbirth preparation (by offering evidence-based information about different options in pregnancy and childbirth, explaining medical procedures, and guiding you and your partner through labour) and advocacy (reminding you of your rights and facilitate communication between you and your health provider) .

Ample evidence is currently showing that having a doula that offers continuous support improves overall health outcomes, for mama and baby. It can decrease the risk of Cesarean or forceps or vacuum delivery, decrease the use of extra interventions and medications for pain relief. People who use a doula report experiencing less anxiety and pain during labor, also report greater self-esteem, more oxytocin and are more positively satisfied with their birth experience. Continuous support may increase mobility, also shorten labor, and in turn greater chance of a spontaneous vaginal birth.



Explore your own Womb Medicine

Let us return together to the depths of the oceanic, infinite darkness of our wombs; where we hold mysteries and ancient wisdom all key to our wellbeing, and path to recover our radiant WHOLE self.

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Companion in the Early years

You can also find me working for UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) or WHO (World Health Organization) as a international consultant in early childhood development with a focus on conscious parenting. My desire is for spiritually awakened beings to become conscious parents that support their young children to grow as independent, loving, resilient, emotionally connected and sovereign beings. Part of my life's work has been dedicated towards contributing to this purpose. I have attained a wealth of professional experience, technical expertise and specific knowledge about the latest scientific evidence, trends and practices around responsive, nurturing care in the early/primal years. Today I offer also services in this line of work for organizations and directly to parents: Are you a new parent seeking some guidance in your journey of conscious parenting?


Love Letters



" OH Maite! What a radiant soul. The embodiment of Mamma Gaia, nurturing, heart-centered, gentle and soothing, yet a fierce warrioriess creatress. Her presence is inspiring.... expect to leave her class feeling balanced, centered and Ahhmazing!!! With love."

Zaidy Rae



"Thank you so much for the wonderful experience here. Your classes and new moon ceremony were so transformative and healing for me. You are an exceptional guide."

Sanie from Los Angeles


" What a beautiful reminder to slow down, and feel the divinity of each movement and breath. Thank you for such powerful moments."

Elizabeth from the Virgin Islands


About Me

Beloved, let me tell you a little bit about me. I am Maite, currently located between Costa Rica and Panamá. I am  a certified yoga teacher (E-RYT 200 & RPYT, with a focus on womb, prenatal and postnatal yoga), doulawomb energy worker and a companion during the postpartum and the childrearing years.

Today all my offerings are deeply heart-womb centred and expressed through deep passion and gratitude, especially when I support birthing people, new parents and those seeking to consciously conceive. I always aspire to weave the ancient practices of the yogic tradition, my academic background as a social anthropologist and the latest scientific evidence that supports and reaffirms the ancient ways of returning to true alignment of mind-body-spirit through conscious breath work, expressive movement, prayer and intention.

I call upon ALL of us to keep returning to the sacredness of the body and live life honouring our natural cycles, and in turn, in tune with the cycles of the Earth.

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My deepest prayers are that all Beings, but you woman especially, wake up to recognize you  are powerful beyond measure. I am a woman on this same healing journey, doing the best I can, in rediscovering the sacred feminine ancestral ways.

As we grow, transform and heal ourselves, we heal the Great Mother, the Great Earth.

sanando tú, sano yo,

sanando yo, sanas tú,

sanando nosotras sanan ellos,

y sana la gran madre tierra.