...this is MAI journey

“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.” 

fabrienne fredrickson


Timely my parents who gave me the name Maite, of Basque origin, and derived from the word "love / beloved". Because precisely, it is in this way I have been consolidating myself through my various transformations, as a person who loves life deeply , and who is guided more and more by the dictates of the heart and not "the shoulds" or "the-duty-to-be".

I begin by telling you that I was trained as a social anthropologist (BA/MSc), who progressively specialized in the rights of children and later in early childhood development. From a young age, I had the conviction that I wanted to help. I soon understood that I was born with privileges that others did not have, but that there were also different cultural and social realities, as well as economic ones. This desire was concretized in my professional work, which led me to travel and work advocating for children and women's rights in different regions of the world.

Today I work as an independent consultant between Panama and Costa Rica, and for the Latin American and Caribbean region, at a time when both governments and civil society are vested on investing more in the first years of life and in ensuring optimal conditions so that from the very beginning of conception each Being can live and develop to their full potential.

Since 2014, my line of work has been strongly influenced by the practice of Hatha yoga, when I felt a strong call to return to nature, and live closer to Mama Gaia. My life has taken me to commune with nature in deeper ways, recognizing the Divinity in all. I delved into the teachings of the yogic spiritual philosophy and trained in the Anusara tradition. This is a strong practice of Hatha Yoga combined with Tantric philosophy that is symbolized as a "celebration of the heart". This pilgrimage to the heart was led by my teachers Sofiah Thom y Daniella Cotreau

Today my yoga focuses on recognizing our return/awakening/remembering that we are divine beings, the essence of the purest love flows through our veins ... 

Later, my pilgrimage took me from the heart to the womb, encouraged by the rite of the womb of the Munay Ki and a serious of miscarriages.

Upon receiving this blessing, my womb trembled with such vigor, and accompanied by tears and a deep pain, that I understood that I was initiating even deeper healing. The miscarriages I had experienced had left pain locked in my body.

And so a profound healing began, but not only my own, in this Now and in this body, but it was felt as an ancestral, collective and shared healing. Since then, my prayers and my spiritual practice have been channelled towards the Goddess (s) and the Divine Feminine energy. Guided by the Great Mother I live in reverence to the body and its cyclical wisdom, to my sensuality and sexuality, recognising also the need to share deeply with other women; and as I continue to awaken bowing to live in more harmony and balance with Nature. It is some of these practices that I am wanting to share with other women.

End of 2017 I completed my certification with MAMASOL (in San José, Costa Rica) as a companion of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Today I am Doula, guardian of the birth, companion through gestation and into the childrearing years.

Thank you for arriving here, and I trust that in similar ways you have felt a similar calling, to work and live in greater harmony with yourself and others through needing to reclaim your body, your femininity, and your fertility. What I know, I would like in the most humble way, to share with you.

My work is expressed from the heart, but it is strongly based on empirical evidence. I flow in a constant self-reflection and deep research, combining scientific evidence with my experiences.

I trust and I plead for the return to the wisdom of the body, our ancestral wisdom, just as we return to fully respect and embrace the wisdom of the Earth. The body is strongly linked to the Earth ... and therefore, we can not continue to disconnect ourselves from our bodies and from our connection to the Divinity and all its manifestations.

If you like, let's continue this conversation together.

With love and adoration,


The photos you will find on this website are from the talented: Alize Jireh , Jasmine Brown, Melissa Robin y Martina Gálvez.


i bow in deep gratitude and recognition to all my teachers, spirit guides, and natural forces that continue to guide me and show me my purpose and path