"In the time surrounding birth, women need to feel secure. They need the sort of protection that is provided by the presence of a mother. But for many reasons special to our time, many women cannot rely on their own mother and the father of the baby cannot also be a mother figure. That is why they need a doula." 

Dr. Michel Odent

Dearest One, I fiercely believe in YOU, especially in your most vulnerable times, I wish to be there to remind you of your great powers and that of your body's. I believe there is a need in elevating and granting greater dignity to the process of birth and transition into motherhood and have entire communities in support of that.

There is great value in the advances of modern medicine and obstetric skills, yet we have somewhat forgotten about the sacredness of birth. I am committed to support women and men gain a wider perspective of the opportunities pregnancy and birth bring in igniting profound spiritual transformations.

At the peak of the birthing experience the birthing woman steps at the service of creation and offers herself as channel for Spirit to come earth side, she offers herself for the greater good. 

I have chosen to walk by your side on this journey and support you in making authentic choices in alignment with your highest Self. Even when a pregnancy is deeply desired, there are moments of doubt, deep fear, and concerns about aspects of who we are that may be challenging to retrieve. Pregnancy can bring its own misgivings. It is not always joyous and positive all the time. Having a doula by your side helps see, recognise and accept any ambivalences about the pregnancy, birth and motherhood/parenthood. A doula supports you translate the complexity of thoughts, emotions and sensations that arise throughout this stage of life.

As an anthropologist I am constantly and extensively researching other cultures attitudes and practices around pregnancy, childbirth and caregiving, and returning to the many teachings of traditional midwifery has to offer. I often question myself:

how can we make simultaneous use of the countless women throughout time and space, and labour with the support of that shared knowledge? 

Inspired by my teachers I believe that there is a middle ground between diving and trusting into our own instinctual nature, as well as integrating the latest medical evidence. All my services centre around returning to the sacredness of body, remembering how to inhabit the divinely wise vessel that is this body and trusting in our ability to birth gently, lovingly and even pleasurably. 

There is great support women can give to each other, and it becomes especially more poignant and necessary in our current birth culture. I wish to support you in recognising how powerful you are in navigating this rite of passage, and supporting you and your partner in creating ceremony around the sacredness of birth. 

Having said this, and in the spirit of collaboration, I believe in the vital importance of the skills of midwifes, doctors and other health professionals and their understanding and deep knowledge about physiological birth. I will always work alongside others and wish to not replace their expertise. 

I seek to protect and accompany you in this process of consciously conceiving, giving birth and transitioning into motherhood and parenthood. see below the variety of my offerings:


conscious conception

Some women seek support and guidance during their pre-conception process, either because they wish a more conscious conception, because they wish to understand more about motherhood and its implications, and/or because it has become complicated to become pregnant or sustain a pregnancy.



As your doula, I will offer you and your partner unwavering support during your birth ceremony, whether you choose to birth at home or at the hospital.



Be supported in navigating the postpartum realm of these first uncharted waters, especially for first time mothers, avoiding the solitude mothers experience more and more common in our modern and industrialised societies.


spirit baby ceremony

For prospective parents this ceremony is an opportunity to be embraced in a warm, nurturing environment in which to create the loving energy to call their soon-to-be conceived children. For many cultures around the world the parent/child bond begins long before conception. Bringing ritual and sacred ceremony can accentuate this. This ceremony can also be a supportive space for people who have recently miscarried. Spirit babies can bring with them insight and healing perspectives to the challenges of pregnancy.

MotherBlessing Ceremonies.jpg


Coming in ceremony and ritual to honour the mother, partner and baby coming is an opportunity to assert female solidarity and reinforce family and community bonds. It draws everyone together in the web of relations to listen, support and honour the new member to the family of belonging. It is specially potent when the partner is involved, and/or if key male figures in the family/community participate.


postpartum ritual

In this ritual we hold space for the new Mother to feel, to be acknowledged, held, honoured, nurtured and bathed in love, so she can release any unprocessed emotions associated with her pregnancy, birth and/or motherhood. Traditional midwifery recognised and honoured these processes, and so with this Ritual we remember particularly the ways of the Mexican tradition starting with a Yoni (womb) steam and then close gradually each part of the body of the woman, so that the strong, juicy, moist and warm nest, full of vitality, that is her body is nurtured.