The yoga style I guide is foundationally a Hatha yoga practice based on the Anusara tradition.  My classes focus on mindful, intent-FULL, yet dynamic sequences crafted to stimulate the body, deepen the breath, build inner strength and attain a relaxing and grounding state of mind. Trained to integrate a unique set of concise bio-mechanical alignment principles combined with a variety of heart-centred themes, I will gently guide you to progressively builds towards cultivating deeper presence and awareness of inner thoughts, images, and sensations dancing in the body and mind, without judgement, but rather with a sense of curiosity to cultivate greater compassion, self-acceptance and love. All this resulting in the possibility of experiencing a transformational journey after every session.

If you are expecting to merely focus on yoga asanas, meaning the physical aspects of this ancient practice, then know that this will not be of satisfaction to you. 

As a practitioner you will be encouraged to move in coordination with the breath from your deep heart’s knowing, and flow through poses in a slow and sweet manner. Each class is designed in a way that can serve students of any level of experience, age, or gender; and may include various practices such as pranayama (breath work), meditation, chakra focus (energy centres throughout the body), bhandas (internal locks), mudras (hand gestures), chanting and mantras (repeated sounds to aid meditation).

Believe that you will leave each practice feeling uplifted, empowered and even having had a spiritual experience, through revelations or insights from your Divine nature.  

Puro Amor Yoga

Every practice is grounded on the quality of the heart and weaves the yogic principles together with a deep reverence for Mother Earth and its energetic forces, our elders' knowledge and ancestral lineages, combined with the body's intuitive wisdom. 

Puro Amor is an opportunity to connect deeper to your heart’s knowing, to bow deeply in honour of ALL of who you are, and continue loving fiercely and fearlessly. 

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Women's Yoga

(with special focus on pregnancy and early postpartum)

This offering is a feminine embodied spiritual practice, designed with women's physiological needs in mind and a deep respect for womb cycles as a foundation. Though focus is placed on pregnant women, know that it expands beyond the traditional prenatal yoga class, and accommodate for the ages and stages of a woman’s life cycle.

Every week women journey together through different ideas as the focus of practice, from exploring your ability to deepening our instinct, to cultivating strength, believing in the Self, soothing anxiety and fear to encouraging more trust in the body and the process of birth. You will explore together the holistic healing force that a very specific women-centred yoga practice can offer, which can support women's life-long wellbeing and vitality but also the unfolding of cyclical wisdom. 

Trust that all of YOU is welcomed here!

I am deeply honoured and blessed to bring forth a refined and sensitive yoga practice for women that can inspire deeper growth, connection and change for our community. It is an opportunity also for women in the area to come together, and build stronger bonds and support systems around birthing and motherhood and also as a healing space, especially when there have been experiences of birth termination, miscarrying or for women on the path of conscious conception. There is great power when women come together and share in circles: consciousness alters, energy is shifted, and burdens are lifted.

Depending on the make up of the group, I like to ensure class becomes a swift mix between English and Spanish.

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I currently teach in Playa dominical (costa rica) and the surrounding area. You will find me weekly at Danyasa and solfeggio retreats .

Also available for public classes, private sessions and collaborating in local retreats and immersions