New Moon Women’s Gatherings

Women all over the world are increasingly returning to the ancient ways of gathering together in synch with the rhythms of the Moon. We come together, to connect with ourselves, to connect with other women, and ultimately to connect to Nature and the Great Mother.

We gather in sisterhood as we bring ritual back into our lives with the power of each New Moon. The invitation is to bring your dream seed intentions and let us support, uplift and nourish each other as we tap into our womb wisdom with other sisters.

Each Month, on the new moon, we come together at Danyasa (Yoga Retreat & Eco Lodge), in the heart of Playa Dominical (Costa Rica).

These gatherings are an offering to return to the sacredness of the body and be present in it, through expressive movement, face to face interactions, powerful breath-work, authentic heart-womb shares and journaling.


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The Great circle

Each time we gather we explore different topics related to female embodiment in a safe and powerful circle. We seat within the sacred geometry of the circle and are guided by its ancient principles and ethics of ancient circle wisdom. We always seat in a circle to remember the cyclical wisdom of the Moon and of the Earth and in knowing that, that same wisdom is held in our DNA and deep in our bodies through our blood cycles.

We begin with invocation to honour OUR ANCESTORS. This opens the space energetically to acknowledge and celebrate the women and men who came before us. The circle is INTER-GENERATIONAL and so it spans all ages. It feels natural and creates a powerful influence to the healing and awakening of each woman to know and share the wisdom and insights of the four female archetypes within and without: maiden (virgin), mother, wild woman (shaman) and crone (wise woman).

The circle is similarly held by the principle of INTEGRITY where each woman commits to honouring each other’s journeys, trusting in the ability of each woman to resolve whatever she is being confronted with, and that her inner Light is guiding her in her Path. Meaning she does not need to be rescued and she is not necessarily seeking advice. We honour her voice and her narrative and we hold utter confidentiality so that every single woman comes in knowing that she is welcomed fully, she is whole and she is safe to share her deepest truths in the moment, without judgement from the collective.

The circle is a CO-CREATION, a space guided by COLLABORATION. And while I, Maite, serve as a facilitator of the space, each woman’s full-bodied presence and participation is an essential ingredient of the magic that transpires, being all teachers and students.

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Be Seen

Sure, coming together and seating in Circle can be intimidating, it is not always comfortable to be fully seen, in all of our Being, with our imperfections, our raw emotions and our burdens, and yet It's ALL OK! And fully WELCOMED!

Sometimes tears arise, competition and judgement may arise also.... and I will not deny, that you may feel this at some point, but also inspiration and support are present; either through a smile, a gentle look or even a wave of energetic current being sent across the circle. Come and be seen in your FULLNESS, WHOLENESS and AUTHENTIC woman that you are.  

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Together and united in sisterhood, the invitation is to reclaim clarity and stop thinking we are supposed to figure it All out alone. There is great power when women gather: great insights arise, healing happens, transformation leads the way, burdens are lifted and any sensation of separation and loneliness dissipate.

When women of all ages and backgrounds come together and share, encompassing each others perspectives and experiences, we all learn from each other. Most beautifully, we come home to ourselves, surrendering to the cycle of life as it unfolds.

Sister, we SEE you, we HEAR you, we FEEL you, we LOVE you.


Come and join us.

Your presence is needed!


All Photos by ALIZE JIREH during Sofiah Thom’s TEMPLE BODY ARTS Live Training 2017